TALK: Abram Games 60 Years of Design

Wednesday 25 September 2019

at 6pm in Edinburgh Room, Lygon Arms, High Street, Broadway WR12 7DU

Abram Games was one of the 20th century’s most important graphic designers.  His career spanned 60 years, and during the Second World War, he was uniquely appointed Official War Poster Artist, designing over 100 posters.  Postwar, he created posters for London Transport, Guinness, the Financial Times and the British Overseas Airways Corporation.  He designed the first animated ident for BBC television, the covers of Penguin Books and the emblems for the 1951 Festival of Britain and the Queen’s Award to Industry.  Games also created postage stamps issued in Britain, Jersey and Israel.  The length of Games’ career makes his work a striking record of the social history of 20th century Britain. 

Naomi Games talks about her father’s personal philosophy of ‘maximum meaning, minimum means’.  She will relate personal stories, show his designs and progressive sketches and explain his working process.