Talk: The Future of Furniture Craft Education

by Joseph Bray

Friday 1st November 2019

at 6pm

Edinburgh Room, Lygon Arms, High Street, Broadway WR12 7DU

Over the past 20 years Joseph Bray has observed both the demise of graduate level craft programmes in the UK and the significant reduction in children learning craft in schools. At the same time the furniture industry reports a skills gap and an aging population with craft skills in very high demand. Set against this backdrop his Churchill Fellowship took him to northern Europe and the east coast of America to learn first hand from programmes and institutions that deliver excellence in furniture education.  He met many teachers, students and graduates, learning that these challenges are not unique to the UK.

Luke Hughes talk to the GRDM Friends earlier this year touched on the future of craft education; this is our opportunity to find out what that future holds.

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